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Jack, I had the same problem until I discovered that pesky little check box 
that Rich speaks of. Who had messed with it anyway was my question since it had 
always worked before. One of those mysteries. Have fun in Branson.
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  I never used cachemate or my PDA anymore since I have the NUVI that takes the 
GPX file from GSAK.

  But, don't you have a 60CS or CSx? If so it should be a USB connection, not 
serial. There's a checkbox in GSAK for USB and the GPS. Look at GPS/Setup and 
the box s/b checked if you're using a normal USB to USB. If that's not checked 
it will give you the comm error. I'm using GSAK

  As a last resort, you can export the GSAK file to Mapsource 
(File/Export/Mapsource) and then send the WP's to your GPS from Mapsource. Then 
go to GSAK and select File/Print and print out the pages in Condensed HTML. 
This will give you the cachepage info and logs but you can get several on 1 
page since all the extra cachepage stuff isn't there. If your eyes are good, 
use fineprint and condense it to get it printed 2 up.


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          On my PDA, GSAK exports a file but my PDA said that it is in the 
wrong format for the Cachmate.  
          On my GPS I send the data to my GPS but nothing ever shows up on the 
GPS, then it started telling me it could not find Comm3.  I could send data 
from an older GSAK database but not from anything new.  Then the Comm3 thing 
started and now I can't send anything at all.  I am trying to get caches down 
in Branson as I am going there this weekend (leaving Thursday noon).  If all 
else fails I will have to load each one by hand.  Or one by one from 

          I thought I heard of someone else that had this and they had to 
delete the GSAK from their computer and download it again but I have only 
tonight to do it and I have to work late.  When it rains it pours.

          I might end up going back to paper printouts for my trip.

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            You have any more info? Is the GPS USB and the PDA serial or are 
they both the same? Does the send/export process finish but indicate 0 records 
or does it show WP's were loaded?
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                    I can't load my GPs or my PDA Cachmate program with any 
files from GSAK.  Don't know what happened it just quit working.  Any ideas? 


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