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Depending on how serious you are when it comes to a backpack will determine how 
much you spend. If you get a cheap backpack, you will not be happy because it 
is not designed to fit your body and makes it difficult to wear for any length 
of time. You can find Camp Trails brand at Uncle Sams and Dunns. This is a good 
low end pack. If you are just looking for a day pack, then Walmart is your 

I would suggest going to REI and getting measured for a pack. This will 
determine your size and what features you might be looking for.

I bought a Shasta (made by Gregory) on e-Bay and paid around 200.00 for it. It 
is a nice large pack, fits me and is very confortable.

I would also suggest going to http://www.gearfinder.com/ss.asp?FAM=Packs to 
help you decide what you need in a pack and what the best pack is for the $$$ 
you are going to spend.

As far as the earlier questions.

Camping on the trail is just a primative camp along the way. I never have fires 
on the trail. I use a backpacker stove (Whisperlite International) for all my 
cooking needs. I always follow LNT principles (Leave No Trace). I don't pitch a 
tent unless the weather is going to get bad. Then, you don't want to be on the 
trail. You can find more on planning and packing helpful hints at 
www.backpacker.com. This site is a wealth of information to the beginner as 
well as the professional.

I plan on doing a few trips this fall and winter. I am thinking about the Ozark 
Highlands Trail for a December trip. Let me know when you are planning on doing 
the Taum Sauk portion of OT. I might be able to join you.

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    OK I am a Cheep-O, and do most of my buying at wal-mart.  I am having 
probelms looking for a Camping Backpack.  I seen it on Wal-mart.com, and looked 
and looked around.  Cant find it. 

    Yeah I know... I know.. Go to REI....  The idea is to save money. 

    My question is.... What is the Largest Wal-Mart in the St Louis Area? 

    Or is there another spot I can get a camping backpack for under $100?

  Joe Taylor 


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