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  • Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 12:11:46 +0530

On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 12:29:21AM +0530, arunbhaskar11 wrote:

>>>1)  Recently all  the  user  group members  received  mails from  a
>>>commercial institute in calicut,  called NICE.  They were trying to
>>>sell CDs and courses of GNU/Linux.   I later found that this is run
>>>by none other than the  founder of fsug-calicut Mr.Ajith Kumar.  If
>>>I accuse him of doing or  reviving his business at the expense of a
>>>movement which is  hailing its non commercial nature  as the strong
>>>point, can  he justify these sort  of actions?  In  each meeting of
>>>fsug people  criticise Microsoft  over their commercial  stands and
>>>here we  are coming across people  who are using  this movement for
>>>their personal benefits.

Mr. Arun, is that  a wrong thing ? I don't think so.  If he is doing a
Free software business, it is some thing to be promoted.

>>>2)  When  I talked  to  a  Microsoft fan  in  our  last meeting  in
>>>Devagiri,   he  came   up  with   another  stunning   comment  that
>>>Mr.Sreekumar, another  active member  of the fsug-calicut  again is
>>>having his own computer institute and with this movement he is also
>>>trying  to build  contacts  and  thus bring  good  fortunes to  the
>>>commercial outlet.

We had  a similar  discussion in FSUG-Kochi  mailing list. Many  of us
(including me)  are forced  to work with  non-free stuff for  making a
living.  But we  never advocate  for the  same anywhere,  even  in our
company.  We always  try to  convince  our management  for using  Free
Software  if an  alternative  is  available in  it.  (I converted  our
Internet  gateway to Debian  like this).  Do propagate  the FS  by all
means.  To  make  money out  of  software  business  is good  for  the
community also.

Articulate your ideas (in the mailing list). 

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