[fruityloops] Re: welcome!

  • From: "Gwydion" <gwydion@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 22:26:01 +1100

> I'd like to try and kick off some discussion, so how about
> if everyone shares the following:

Hi all,

My name is Gwydion, I'm 33 (34 on the 16th) and live in Sydney, Australia.
My name is Welsh, and I'm male - I say this because I've found most people
assume that such a name must be female!

I've had FL for about a year but have not used it for much of that.  I also
have Reason, Rebirth, Reaktor 3, Cubase 5 VST (which I hate), Cakewalk Home
Studio 2002 (if only it had rewire support), and a bunch of VST, DXi and
Reaktor instruments, my favorites of which are Pentagon I and the new JP9000
from Dash.

Although I have wide musical tastes, for composition I'm experimenting with
styles similar to Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and so on, so I
guess generally you'd call that Electronica and Symphonic Electronica.

The reason I like FL is that it allows me to build up ideas very quickly and
then experiment with them in a non-destructive way.  I tend to use a lot of
patterns with just one instrument playing in each so I have maximum
flexibility in the playlist to try different combinations of things.  It's
also astonishingly stable - I have never, ever had it crash.

Dislikes in FL include the total inflexibility of the effects routing, and
the browser pane which while convenient can get unmanageable very quickly.
I wish FL would include rewire support as well!  I get around the former by
using my own Reaktor ensembles for unusual effects routings, and the latter
... well, we're stuck with that for now.  I'd rather see a pane-based
interface for the browser pane like Netscape (yecch) has - so that I can
jump around the sections quickly.

I have done some MP3s but they've been experimental and I haven't given them
the time they really need to fully develop.  You can hear them at my ampcast
site - http://www.ampcast.com/gwydi - and please download them if you can
because I get 5c per download and it all helps :)

I'm involved in a very friendly musical community called the fin-music list,
named for its creator Fin (http://www.mp3.com/fin) ... if you like JMJ type
music, you must listen to Fin's stuff because he owns a lot of the same gear
and his music is very, very good.  If you're interested in a list full of
electronic music gearheads that's not specific to any platform, hardware or
software, you could do much worse than joining his list - so long as you
don't mind 600 or more emails per month!

In addition, I tune in every week to a live internet radio show run by
another artist, Palancar (http://www.palancar.net) - this shows plays every
Wednesday at 11pm Eastern / 8pm PST / 4am GMT (thursday morning) / 3pm AEST
(thursday afternoon in Australia).  This show features great electronic
music from Ampcast artists every week and also has a hugely fun and active
chatroom running at the same time - go to http://bluewater.palancar.net and
from there you can find the link to "listen" and for the chatroom.  I've
made a lot of new emusic friends from this show :)

I think that's the best info I have to pass on right now.  I know it's not
all specific to FL but I find it's easy to find specific program info but
harder to find "communities" where you can meet people with similar minds
and tastes.

Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Take care,

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