[freelists-users] Re: Changing e-mail & spam problem

  • From: "Learning Stone" <listadmin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:21:22 -0000

On 24 Jan 2002 at 13:15, John Madden wrote:
> since the address is in the email, it must be there for a reason.

It's a plausible argument, but not as good as
the counter-argument that most mailing list
subscribers don't understand how email works.

We expect some subscribers to over-quote, use
HTML, send attachments, go off-topic, send unsub
commands to the list -- so Listar has functions
to deal with it.

We don't say there must be a good reason for an
attachment -- often the sender doesn't even know
it is there. It's the same for email addresses
-- usually there is no reason, other than
subscriber naïvety.

I would like to see the next relase of Listar
have optional email mangling -- meanwhile it is
the responsibility of list owners to alert
subscribers to the consequences of their posts,
and to do their best to ensure their security is
not compromised.

The Learning Stone Crew

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