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I agree, it works good now, but if there would be a way to
place xxxxx@xxxxxx or what ever it does now, throughout the
message thread JUST for email addresses alone, that would be
great.  No one searches for email addresses in the
archives....at least not at my list.

God Bless Us All
Clint Hamilton
TechAssist Administration

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> Well, the issue of whether or not to remove email addresses
> from the archives has come up a couple of times (hence the
spam protection
> on the email headers in the archives), and our decision has
been that
> since the address is in the email, it must be there for a
> Stripping those addresses out would mean removing some of
> functionality of the archives.
> However, if it's enough of a problem to enough of a
majority, we'll
> implement something.

Please do not! The system works perfectly now.
Email addresses are usually included for a very
good reason; removing them would cause more
problems than it would solve.

The 2 options Learning Stone pointed out seem
very sensible (either don't quote addresses or
else munge them). For more information on
address munging, see:


As always, many thanks for the best mailing list
service on the Internet.


Miles Wolbe

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