[freelists-users] Re: Changing e-mail & spam problem

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 17:33:12 -0000

On 24 Jan 2002 at 10:40, Alex S. Garcia wrote:
> 1) His e-mail address has changed and he had to unsubscribe to be able to
> make the change. Isn't there a way to make this change from the settings
> without actually unsubscribing?

It's the same with most mailing lists -- it's not the 
who subscribes, it's the email address.

> some e-mail addresses (including his own) are quite visible :-( Is there any 
> way
> to make these archives private too?

Your mailing list messages could be archived *anywhere*,
not just at freelists.org. Most archiving software 
or mangles addresses in the headers, but they don't all 
the same for addresses in the message body.

* Encourage your subscribers to avoid email signatures
  with the complete address, eg: substitute [AT] for @ 
* Ask them not to quote other people's addresses in 

If you don't want robots to index your freelists.org 
you can set a password for access. 

The Learning Stone Crew

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