Re: [foxboro] Integrator 30 Style B failing (P0961BD-0E)

  • From: Kashif Ijaz <kashifijaz93@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <foxboro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 17:01:00 +0500

Thanks, after increasing the period of different compounds and staggering the 
phases, I was able to bring down the I/O scan from 79% to 38%. Since then ( 
about a week back) , data communication is ok and we did not need to reset the 
Kashif Ijaz
INTECH Process Automation> Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 14:37:56 +0900> From: 
fitzgerrell@xxxxxxxxx> To: foxboro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [foxboro] 
Integrator 30 Style B failing (P0961BD-0E)> > Kashif,> > What is the status of 
the module when it fails?> LEDs are green, red, or red/green, any flashing?> In 
system management, the module is showing failed? What about the> FBM0 and the 
two PLC ECBs? When the MG30 fails can you interact with> it at all in SMDH - 
reboot, offline, etc?> > If you've already changed all the Foxboro components 
without> correcting the problem that'd suggest that something coming in from> 
the PLCs is the problem. I've had similar issues with the gateway> hanging 
because of unexpected modbus commands or responses. The> modbus gatewey and 
integrator manual has a list of the supported> modbus commands/responses - it 
is critical that no other> commands/responses are being generated. It may be 
worthwhile to log> the traffic up until the point where your gateway fails. 
With modbus> this is relatively easy to do - you can buy or build a serial "y"> 
adapter and use a PC or laptop to monitor the traffic. There are a> number of 
free or inexpensive tools available on the net to analyze> this traffic. Is the 
gateway the only master on this modbus network> or is there also a programming 
PC? Would it be feasible to split the> gateway (even temporarily) so that the 
SLC is on one module and the> Siemens is on the other? That way you could start 
to isolate the> problem.> > Regards,> > Kevin FitzGerrell> > > > On Sun, Mar 9, 
2008 at 2:08 PM, Kashif Ijaz <kashifijaz93@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:> > EEPROM 
revision of MG30 is 3.30 . There is no dump file for this MG30 (letterbug 
22MG54) whereas dump files for other stations exist. There is a general file 
"dump_area.GW30".> >> > Regards,> >> > Kashif Ijaz> > > 
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