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Hmmm...I'm surprised that in 2010 an AD domain controller can't be be 
dual-homed.  Microsoft must be too focused on inventing the next Kin to 
fix such a trivial little problem as that.

But, knowing less than squat about all this, and in light of some recent 
list emails about locating the server for IEE off-mesh so you can use all 
4 cores (which apparently are required for the heavy lifting involved), 
how do you get this server machine into the domain?

Corey Clingo

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Re: [foxboro] 8.5 Domain Controller


Re: My understanding is that using the security options in 8.5 requires a 
MS Domain, with a domain controller.
You are correct.

Re: Does the domain controller communicate over the mesh, or do they use 
the secondary ethernet ports of the AW/WPs?
The only officially supported position is for the Domain Controllers to 
1) On the MESH (IOM restriction)
2) Not dual homed (MS restriction)

Of course, other configurations may work, but we haven't tested or 
documented them at this point. We do have a Security group that can assist 
with special situations.

Re: Also would it be allowable to run any other software on the domain 
controller since this box is doing almost nothing (processing & network 
The answer is no. MS says nothing on a DC. Of course, they are thinking 
about DCs with 10,000s of users, but never the less we do not have 
permission to load anything else on the box.

Re: This would be a great place to store engineering drawings, or other 
items that might need to be accessed by engineers on an AW without having 
access to the larger mill network.
True, but not available.

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