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  • Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 19:23:22 +0800

Correct me if i am wrong about offline backups.

The only time you would do a offline backup of your Exchange, is when, =
your exchange server won't startup or store databases won't mount. So just =
before you start doing some repair work, you would offline back them up.

If your Exchange server is running/database mounted, e.g. in a = production
environment, you would do a online backup and let the backup take care = of
"cleaning up the log files".

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        Dear All, 


                I have some Problem regarding Backup for Exchange 2000.  ( I
am still Planning for Backup ) 


        What I am planning to do is:-


        Every Thu, after working hours take only off line backup . ( just
only dismount Data base and then copy it in to the Tap Backup and write on
that Tap the date which we take the backup on it . ) 


        Then I will delete all of the Log Files, from the Hard disk. 


        Then I will mount the Data Base again, and the user will work



        Then in the next week on Thu, I will do the same steps for offline


        But regarding all of the previous Procedures I have some questions:-



        1.      what will happen if I delete all of the Log files , is there
any Problem from it. I mean with off line backup, all of the log file will
be delete from the Hard disk and it will record it self in the Database
while I am dismount it ., so is there any Problem will happen . ?? 


        2.      what will happen if  for Example , on Monday, I found that
the Exchange server completely destroyed, and need to be reinstall again ,
and I will run restore again , what will happen to the E-mails which all of
the users received it in Sat, Sun, Mon, they will be unable to retrive it
back again . is it true ? so what is the solution to avoid this Problem. 


        3.      is there any white paper for recovering  individual Mailbox
for one user. 


        4.      is there any problem will happen to me if I take the Data
base ( which I run off line backup ) & reinstall the Exchange on another
server with different Hardware specification and different Hardware Profile
and run restore off line to see the Data base will work normally or not ,
and test if I will be able to receive E-mails from this Data base or not . 



        Best Regards,



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