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2. All the emails on Sat and Sun will be lost; you need to do a daily backup.

4. Change of hardware is not a problem, but as far as I knew before I started 
using Veritas for backing up exchange, the server name and administrative group 
name should be the same, with Veritas you can redirect the restore to a 
different server.



Ruba Al Omari
[Ruba Al Omari, Eng.] 



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Dear All, 


        I have some Problem regarding Backup for Exchange 2000.  ( I am still 
Planning for Backup ) 


What I am planning to do is:-


Every Thu, after working hours take only off line backup . ( just only dismount 
Data base and then copy it in to the Tap Backup and write on that Tap the date 
which we take the backup on it . ) 


Then I will delete all of the Log Files, from the Hard disk. 


Then I will mount the Data Base again, and the user will work normally. 



Then in the next week on Thu, I will do the same steps for offline backup. 


But regarding all of the previous Procedures I have some questions:-



1.      what will happen if I delete all of the Log files , is there any 
Problem from it. I mean with off line backup, all of the log file will be 
delete from the Hard disk and it will record it self in the Database while I am 
dismount it ., so is there any Problem will happen . ?? 


2.      what will happen if  for Example , on Monday, I found that the Exchange 
server completely destroyed, and need to be reinstall again , and I will run 
restore again , what will happen to the E-mails which all of the users received 
it in Sat, Sun, Mon, they will be unable to retrive it back again . is it true 
? so what is the solution to avoid this Problem. 


3.      is there any white paper for recovering  individual Mailbox for one 


4.      is there any problem will happen to me if I take the Data base ( which 
I run off line backup ) & reinstall the Exchange on another server with 
different Hardware specification and different Hardware Profile and run restore 
off line to see the Data base will work normally or not , and test if I will be 
able to receive E-mails from this Data base or not . 



Best Regards,




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Now am using NAV for exchange but looking into changing to Antigen

We do the IS backup ever day, its just eh monthly backup which we do the 
mailboxes and where the problems appear



Ruba Al Omari



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1. You need to be backing up the Information Store. That is first priority to 
backup. Mail boxes are second priority.

2. What kind of AV are you running?


John Tolmachoff


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From: Ruba Al Omari, Eng. [mailto:romari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Greetings all

When I check after the monthly backup I find tons of notifications in the mail 
administrator inbox that a virus has been caught and message was deleted for 
many users. Those messages are old ones even from more than a year or could be 
recent too. And the concerned users receive a copy of the notification as well, 
and they panic.

I have exchange 2000 and doing backup through veritas, the only thing when the 
problem appears is that the monthly backup we do the mailboxes not the 
information store, is there a way to stop these notifications? I don’t know why 
they are produced in the first place since these are old emails and supposed to 
be clean. And the next month the same messages have the same problems.



Ruba Al Omari

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