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Good enough is an application specific term.  

Is it "good enough" for Exchange?  Microsoft thinks so.  They built Exchange
on it.  
Is it "good enough" for anti-virus vendors?  They seem to think so as
they've built apps on it. 

Windows 2003 SMTP is an MTA.  Not much different than Sendmail other than
until 2003 it didn't allow POP users as Sendmail does.  But at it's core,
it's an MTA only.  If you need an MTA to base an application on, it's a
great one, especially useful if you want to write a Windows app.  If you
want something with queue management and the rest, maybe you need to look
elsewhere else write some queue management utilities. 

The daily management tasks of Windows 2003 SMTP (or 2000 for that matter)
aren't really considered with the server product.  The expectation is to use
Exchange if you want users and queue management and pretty logging etc.  

Think of Windows 2003 SMTP as the bare-bones high-performance SMTP MTA and
it makes more sense.  

Does that help?

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Hello all,

I'm trying hard to read up on the semantics of Windows 2003 SMTP.  What I'm
finding is a lot of products that overlay Windows - why?  Why does Windows
need additional products?  Is Windows not good enough on its own?


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