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Maybe I misunderstand, but can you expand on the add-on concept?  

I understand Postfix add-ons to be applications written by others to enhance
the service provided by the MTA.  Put in Microsoft terms, a third-party app.
I'm not seeing the differences between postfix and K3 as an MTA.

Additionally, it's never a good idea to consider something "bulletproof"
when you deploy it.  It's good, but to say you don't have to worry about
something would, over time, open the door for disaster in most cases. 


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> I'm trying hard to read up on the semantics of Windows 2003 SMTP.  
> What I'm finding is a lot of products that overlay Windows - why?  Why 
> does Windows need additional products?  Is Windows not good enough on its

The IIS 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 SMTP service is a very simple MTA.  If all you
need is a simple MTA, then obviously it will do the job for you.

What is a simple MTA? In my opinion, it's one that is:

-Primarily configured through a GUI in Windows with check boxes and radio
buttons -Has a limited configuration in comparision to Postfix, Sendmail,
qmail, Exim, etc.
-Has limited customization "    "
-Has basic RFC compliance
-Does not support extensive add-ons (For example:
-Limited content and connection filtering

In other words, it was designed as an MTA, and it does just that.  All of
these add-on's go beyond the conventional role of an MTA - to transfer email
between servers.

Personally, the IIS 6.0 SMTP service is great for internal SMTP
communication, however, I prefer to have Postfix as my Internet facing SMTP
MTA server/firewall/gateway. With this configuration, not only do I not have
to worry about security patches on my Internet accessible services, but I
also have an almost infinite level of configuration options.


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