Re: Jacked up Exchange server!!!

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 17:36:36 -0400

I've performed the procedures outlined in this document a few times now.
I've set the logging level to maximum and I still get the same error when
attempting to Start the Mailbox Management Process. I don't get any errors
in the Event logs relating to any of these these files. As I stated earlier
I am pretty new with exchange so maybe I'm overlooking something. I'm
thinking this may have something to do with eithere WMI or DNS but I'm not
sure. Right now I'm unable to connect to WMI from this server. I receive the
following error when attempting to connect to the Monitoring tab of the
System Manager:
Unable to connect to the WMI service
You will not be able to see the current status of the monitored resources
and cannot add disk or service monitoring resources.
        ID: c1038692


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Check out this TID for troubleshooting:;en-us;Q245024
Maybe some DLLs were not installed properly or got corrupt?

>>> marvc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 04/22/02 12:22PM >>>

Exchange 2000 Server Newbie...

I have reason to believe that my exchange server install is completely
screwed up and need to know if there's anyway to resolve this without having
to rebuild my entire network??
1. From what I can tell the exchange service isn't starting.
2. If i go to my AD users & computers console I see what appears to be an OU
for Microsoft Exchange System Objects, but its not a folder, it looks as
though its not associated with anything.
3. If i attempt to start the mailbox management process via the System
Manager, I get an error that the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service
is unavailable.
        ID no: c1031668
This is the 2nd time I've un-inistalled and re-installed this exchange
server. Can anyone shed some light onto this otherwise dismal situation?



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