Re: Jacked up Exchange server!!!

  • From: "Marvin Cummings" <marvc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:28:49 -0400


Hey man you've pretty much summarized all of the problems that I was having.
I agree that I probably could've isolated the two and worked on them
individually, but given my lack of experience with exchange, the last thing
i wanted to do was attempt to modify or remove those items installed in AD
or modify the schema.
Thanks for your help.


Can anyone let me know where I can locate the resource kit for exchange 2k?
I have the Back Office Kit w/the Exchange/SMS/SQL kits but I hear tell
there's a new one for Ex2K. I also hear tell that there's an admin pack for


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yeah, it might seem drastic.  it does kinda (at 1st glance) to me too, but
in this case, that is really the only way to fix the whole problem.  what
effectively has happened (as far as i can tell) is that exchange installed,
but not all the way into AD, and the AD connectivity problems are BECAUSE of
the DNS problems.

removing exchange wont fix the DNS problem, but it will remove the bad
exchange install.  the reason that exchange must be removed manually is
because the normal uninstaller believes that it needs to remove objects from
AD, but of course, it cant connect to AD because of the DNS issues.  (which
is really the heart of the issue)

consequently, until the DNS issues are resolved, any further attempts by
marvin to reinstall exchange will result in the same outcome.  it could
potentially be possible to fix the DNS issue, and then attempt to "repair"
the exchange installation, but i dont know for certain if this would
actually work. (and since marvin was not working in a test environment, i
didnt want to recommend something that might not work or potentially screw
something else up) anyway, i guess what i am saying is that uninstalling exchange wont
fix (or break) DNS at all.  but removing exchange, fixing DNS, then
reinstalling will definitely eliminate the problem that marvin was seeing,
leaving him with a working installation.  exchange 2000 relies heavily on
AD, and AD relies heavily on DNS (so some of the systems are pretty

fortunately, it sounds like marvin got his problems sorted out anyway.
however, if someone else has had experience with this type of issue and
knows of a better way, i would be interested to hear about it.

 Matt Dillingham                        Systems Administrator II
           University of Michigan, Bioinformatics

Alfonso Lopez de Ayala wrote:
> Wow... seems overkill... and why exactly do you need to uninstall
> Exchange to fix DNS?  I have always been able to fix DNS problems by
> itself... manually uninstalling Exchange (especially with all the LDAP
> stuff to manually remove in Active Directory) is a pain in the neck.  I
> thought that different services are fixed separately... no need to
> reinstall one so that another works... only need to configure both right
> to interact with each other. No?
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> Marvin-
> i think that i know what your problem is if:
> - you are running your own MS DNS server (probably on the domain
> controller).
> - the exchange machine is on a different hardware from the DC.
> - you have only one domain controller. (probably)
> i am pretty sure that this problem is an effect of not having DNS setup
> 100% correct.  the exchange server and active directory domain
> controller cannot find each other, which is what is causing the problem.
> Clients can still resolve names, ect, but if you look more closely, it
> isnt entirely working (with regard to AD). there is a DNS tool in the 2K
> server reskit that will help you to confirm this (unfortunately, i dont
> recall its name right now).
> if this is actually the case, to fix it you will need to manually
> uninstall the exchange installation (Q260378), fix DNS, (putting in
> another DC to test is a good idea since i believe that another DC wont
> install either without DNS being fixed), and then reinstall exchange
> (being sure to run domain prep, ect.).  everything should work fine
> then. ..assuming that this is actually the problem.
> anyway, hope this helps.  good luck!
> -matt
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> Marvin Cummings wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Exchange 2000 Server Newbie...
> >
> > I have reason to believe that my exchange server install is completely
> > screwed up and need to know if there's anyway to resolve this without
> having
> > to rebuild my entire network??
> > 1. From what I can tell the exchange service isn't starting.
> > 2. If i go to my AD users & computers console I see what appears to be
> an OU
> > for Microsoft Exchange System Objects, but its not a folder, it looks
> as
> > though its not associated with anything.
> > 3. If i attempt to start the mailbox management process via the System
> > Manager, I get an error that the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
> Service
> > is unavailable.
> >         ID no: c1031668
> > This is the 2nd time I've un-inistalled and re-installed this exchange
> > server. Can anyone shed some light onto this otherwise dismal
> situation?
> >
> > :-<
> >
> > TIA
> >
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