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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:32:46 +0100

-------------------------------------------------------Thanks dave that looks 
like just what I wanted... I'm happy to pay say ten or twenty pound setup and 
around ten pounds pcm but just think fifty to setup one box is a little 
extreme! (despite what others may think)

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  We use a Hosted exchange provider who does do a month-to-month contract, but 
they do have a small setup fee. We've been very happy with them as we've grown 
significantly over the last 2 years. We started with their shared service and 
moved to their dedicated exchange service a couple of months ago. We also use 
their Sharepoint services, which is not a bad way to build an intranet. 
   We have users with Blackberries, Treo's, and Windows devices and they've 
been able to get us all up and running.  It took them a bit longer to upgrade 
to Exchange SP2 than I would have liked, but I love the new Activesync push 
technology now.  I believe that they charge $9.99/mailbox/mo. 
www.123together.com <http://www.123together.com/>   ... and tell them that I 
referred you. :)
- Dave


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Hi all wondered if you have any hosted suggestions (using my current domain 
name) for just the one exchange box and 2 standard pop3 mailboxes (with the 
option to add a 2nd or more exchange mailboxes further down the line) 

I've got a quote from serverworld.co.uk <http://serverworld.co.uk/>  and they 
charge 8.95 for exchange but want a setup costs and 3 months up front. 

Ideally I'm looking at no setup costs with a month to month contract... For the 
exchange mailboxes I need full access via Outlook 2003, push mail via 
activesync, owa and possibly oma. 

Need a cheap but reliable service! 
Any ideas?

Thanks, Wayne

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