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-------------------------------------------------------we offer exactly the 
service you are looking for - only catch is you need to be one of our employees.

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Here Here 
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So what you are saying is you want all the features and functions of Oh 
of a Ferrari at the price of a Chevy. 
So you want the hosting provider to take all the risks and all the time 
to set up with no guarantee of profit, or even covering setup costs so 
you can have your cheap fly-by-night rate. Sir, you are the problem with 
hosting services. 
While you may actually find what you are looking for, that kind of 
service at that kind of price is what is so wrong with hosting providers 
these days, giving away stuff for practically free so that the 
legitimate small business losses. 
You need to get some morals and ethics and pay the proper price for what 
you want. 
Yes, I am in fact saying that many of those cheap hosting companies are 
not on the up and up with licensing and usage agreements. 
The minimum cost for legally licensed Exchange Hosting in the US is 
about $3.25 per mail box plus hardware costs plus support costs plus 
profit for the provider.  
And yes it takes time to set everything up for a client. 
So, if you are seeking pricing less than actual costs, you sir are part 
of the problem. 
Blast shields up, fire away. 
John T 
eServices For You 
"Seek, and ye shall find!" 
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Subject: [ExchangeList] Hosted exchange 
Hi all wondered if you have any hosted suggestions (using my current 
domain name) for just the one exchange box and 2 standard pop3 mailboxes 
(with the option to add a 2nd or more exchange mailboxes further down 
the line) 
I've got a quote from serverworld.co.uk and they charge 8.95 for 
exchange but want a setup costs and 3 months up front. 
Ideally I'm looking at no setup costs with a month to month contract... 
For the exchange mailboxes I need full access via Outlook 2003, push 
mail via activesync, owa and possibly oma. 
Need a cheap but reliable service! 
Any ideas? 
Thanks, Wayne 

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