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I don't see how privacy is the issue of your out sourcer provides you a
place for you to install your own servers, or if they provide a service
were by you buy the server and license from them. This way the company
hosting your server is pretty much responsible for its up time, and

A good friend of mine does out source part-time. He gives people a few
options; 1. email at "I don't care where" RPC over HTTP $17.95 per
email/email. 2. there own VM server $250 setup fee, they provide the
license, no web hosting on the server is permitted, $17.95 per
email/month; they have RDP access to their server so they can add users
or configure it how they like; if they need extra stuff opened on the
networks firewall they speak to my friend who runs ISA 2004. Or they run
their own server, $500 setup fee includes the server, company provides
their own licenses, $17.95 per email/month; they have access to the
server though RDP, etc.. 

He mainly farms his services to Doctors and Lawyers and currently
carries about 40 clients.

He also allows the companies to install their own internet connection if
they want to, and charges a small $2.50 month administration fee. 


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My office (because we are so small) is thinking about outsourcing email
to a
larger company that can deal with replacing servers, etc. and keeping
I am trying to gather the PRO's and CON's so I can make a valuable
When asked the question what do we lose by outsourcing our email - I am
sure since we have not tried this configuration except to have AOL -
which I
am really not fond of.
I would appreciate your input if you have time - I know this may be a
off the norm for this list - but you have helped me considerably in past

Vicki Knutsen 
Information Systems Administrator 
Northwest District LCMS - 
1-888-693-5267 ext 129 

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