Re: e2 branch - another pre-release

  • From: dsyates <dsyates@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:09:39 -0500

David Jensen wrote:

dsyates wrote:

tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On fedora core 3 x86_64 I get th following error after typing make

src/e2_filelist.c:1410: error: structure has no member named `sort_column'
make: *** [objs/src/e2_filelist.o] Error 1

It's broke on all platforms, here is a patch. copy it to the main directory and apply

patch -Np1 -i emelfm2-sort-column.patch

also the wiki page has changed to:

David Jensen


--- emelfm2-tom-20041117/src/emelfm2.h 2004-11-15 19:43:56.000000000 -0600
+++ 2004-12-09 22:35:13.518933888 -0600
@@ -226,6 +226,7 @@
GSList *selected_names; //DEBUG slist of names of items to be reselected, or NULL gboolean completed; //DEBUG flag for whether the view update is completed (for threads)
+ gint sort_column; //copy of current sort column
} FileView;
typedef struct _emelFM2

David S. Yates

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