Re: e2 branch - another pre-release

  • From: dsyates <dsyates@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 22:05:17 -0500

tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Fewer changes this time:

1. added context menu for config dialog tree-option pages, an enhanced version 
of the one in trunk
2. converted build-time option for internal control of the color of text in 
selected lines, to a run-time option, default value ON
3. bug-fixes, mostly trivial/minor, but notably: much-faster display of   
directories with a large number of entries, and cancellation of changes to 
config dialog tree-option pages now works
4. replaced all but 1 of the deprecated toolbar functions (that 1 is now the 
only deprecated function in the branch)
5. a few more i18n fixes

At, get the version dated 20041117. 
Happy testing.


On fedora core 3 x86_64 I get th following error after typing make

compiling 'src/e2_filelist.c'
src/e2_filelist.c: In function `e2_filelist_store_fill':
src/e2_filelist.c:1317: error: structure has no member named `sort_column'
src/e2_filelist.c:1318: error: structure has no member named `sort_column'
src/e2_filelist.c:1319: error: structure has no member named `sort_column'
src/e2_filelist.c: In function `_e2_filelist_sortNselect':
src/e2_filelist.c:1410: error: structure has no member named `sort_column'
make: *** [objs/src/e2_filelist.o] Error 1
 I don't get this error after make-ing 20041115 or the 20040920 trunk

-- David S. Yates

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