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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 08:54:53 -0700

Actually Manual said '70 was the worst sales year.

I know when he had his 71 convert, there were 5500 total, and 350K hard tops. I remember there being a lot more 70's and 72's, so the 71 was the lowest production. He had a big block (396/402) with auto, Air, Tach dash and bench seat. I believe he had in the neighborhood of $6500 in it, but sold for 8500-9500 ... I don't know.


On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I just happened to pull some books to look up Saul's VIN, so lemme
    see if I can find anything.   Nope - broken down by Malibus,
    chevelles and Station wagons, but not ragtops.  But I can tell you
    the tops came in black AND white.


    Yep, but it keeps him off the streets, and his mind on something
    other than dwelling on being divorced..... among other downers he
    has had thrown his way. He is truly happy working on cars.

    On the up side, the frame he has is finished and painted with a
    10 bolt posi 3.3x and new brakes and lines. I don't know what
    production numbers are on the convert's, but nothing compared to
    the hard tops. He will still have a desirable classic when he is
    done, and it will cruise 5 comfortably with the top down.


    On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 10:57 AM, Mary McCarthy
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        kinda reminds me of the kid who brought nothing but a front
        bumper to the Chevelle/El Camino club car show.

        Got a loooong way to go there.


        Now THIS is what I like to hear Bro....... If you can get
        the whole GN or Turbo Regal drive line, the trans is a
        little more stout than some (200). GN rears are great too,
        but expensive. Might be too narrow for that 70 Chevelle
        though. Would have to ask the guys and gals on the Elky
        List. (CC to the list)

        For the list.... Brother Jim in Des Moines is building up
        from a basket case, a 1970 Chevelle Convertible he just
        scored. I say ghost gray flames in the stripes. Here is a
        cool example of flames in stripes from the car show at the
        school this year
        Also Here.
        Use the arrows to see more of that Camaro.

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