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Starting with beta 5, the default tone should come through the sound card,
not the PC speaker.  And, at least on my computer, it does.

If you (or anybody) knows of a good "ding" sound that is redistributable, we
can package that into DBT.  We can even pay for it, provided there's not
royalty arrangement.  (There's no way we're getting into a royalty agreement
for a ding sound.)  My own searches didn't turn up any appropriate sounds,
so we're using a sine wave tone generated in code at runtime.

One thing that you forgot in your explanation is that any non-zero number is
interpreted as a count of cells from the right margin at which to sound the
margin bell.  Thus, the larger the number the sooner the bell sounds.

- Peter

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In the hope I'm not teaching too many grandmothers how to suck eggs, I
thought I'd add an explanation about the enhanced margin Bell feature.
Essentially, when you are entering a braille document, you have the option
to set a margin bell in the same way as you have on a Perkins Brailler.
This is done via the Global menu, View Preferences dialog where you can set
a position at which the bell will sound.  To disable this, set it to zero.
But in actual fact, it's not a bell, but a not very exciting beep which
usually comes through the PC's internal speaker.
However if you place a wave file called "margin.wav" into the Duxbury
program folder - in the case of Beta 5, probably:- c:\Program
Files\Duxbury\DBT 10.6 (Beta 5) it will play this instead.
You can use almost any .wav file you like, and in the case of the attached,
I found one on my system called "ding.wav", copied it to the above folder,
and renamed it to "margin.wav".  Now it sounds just like a Perkins.
I'm sure many teachers will see the potential here when teaching 6 key entry
of using different bell sounds for their students, if only to brighten up
the lesson.

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