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Accessiblity Options vary from release to release of Windows.  George uses
XP.  In truth, "Accessibility Options," as George and I have been
discussing, are nothing more than user-specified preferences for window and
text colors, and text font and size.  In other words, "Windows display
settings" and "Accessibility Options," as we've been using the term, are the
same thing.  Applications are supposed to honor these preferences, but there
is no technical enforcement of that built into Windows.  Microsoft instead
offers vendors who do honor these preferences (and conform to numerous other
guidelines) a "Designed for Windows" logo, which can aid in sales efforts.

A screen reader can pick up what a user's "Accessibility Options" are set to
just as easily as any application can.  However, other than for determining
how it displays its own dialogs, menus, and so forth, I don't know that a
screen reader would typically need to know what these settings are: it
should be able to determine what an application is displaying regardless of
whether the applicaion follows a user's preferences for fonts and colors.

Putting more pixels on screen makes things smaller.  The actual size that a
user will see on screen is directly proportional to the selected font size
and inversely proportional to the pixels across or down the screen.  Often,
users who put more pixels on screen select larger preferred fonts to

- Peter

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Hi Peter:

What do accessibility options mean here,? do they refer to the necessity to
display material in larger print sizes.  Would a screen reader pick this up?
how do windows display settings effect this?  The highest is 10xx by xxxx
you know the one I mean, and if so, how does a higher number of pixels on
the screen effect the appearance?  I am still using Windows 98, so it will
be interesting to find out, whether this all works appropriately under this


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