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If a document was last saved with DBT 10.5, then document settings do appear
in the .dxb file.  If it was last saved with DBT 10.4 or earlier, then they
do not.  The document settings that are stored in a .dxb file are exactly
analagous to what you see in the Document, Embosser setup dialog: cells per
line, lines per page, top margin, binding margin, interpoint on/off,
interline print on/off, a *name* (but no description) of the targeted paper
size, and a *name* (but no description) of the targeted embosser.

- Peter

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Hi Peter:

Can you help me understand this.  There is a strong possibility that I can
make my 40-cell braille display emulate anything, as I have both printed to
file and printed directly to the device, using an 8-mb file--well as you
know I am a megalomaniac in my spare time.  To give myself a bit more
credit, I have designed large reference works in a single file that allow me
to access any part of the book with a single-keystroke.

gMy first question is whether, document settings actually appear in some
form in the .dxb file, asuming one could decompile it and find it in the
code.  If not is there a separate file created to store document settings.
In otherwords, if embossing a series of documents under one embosser,
different from what is in global settings, do I have to configure each
document, or can I use the settings from a previous document.

Embosser set-up has been a challenge for everyone, and usually, when I set
up to do a task, I forget what I have learned because I have no need to
practice.  As I have no deadlines, I should be able to explore this
systematically, but I need some directives.



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