[duxhelp] Re: High Contrast (Large) problem

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This was mean of me: I knew the answer before I asked the question.

Your system is not buggy.  The weakness, in my mind, is too spread
throughout different pieces of software to place the blame in any one place.

I'm not sure whether an application is really supposed to use the
Accessibility Options font settings for non-scrollable windows (e.g. most
dialogs).  Certainly, an application should use the color settings, but the
font settings are perhaps supposed to be off-limits.  If so, then Word (and
most applications) follow this guideline, whereas DBT (in an effort to do
more) is breaking down sometimes by not following the guideline.

But the guidline, if there even is one, might specify, for example, that one
should automatically add a scrollbar to the dialog.  I've seen relatively
few applications that do this; Word is not among them.

Knowing exactly what we're supposed to do would be a good research question,
or a good question for MS ATG.  I've been too lazy to date to seek an
answer, because until today, nobody had complained.

- Peter 

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I've tried to find out, but for some reason or another, perhaps just on my
system, dialogs in Word (e.g. Print) do not scale up as I expected then to.

Is my system buggy, or is this a weakness in the Accessibility Option?


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