[ddots-l] Re: Scrubbing with something Else?

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Yeah, probably so. I gave up on using the Tranzport to scrub a while back because I got tired of these random crashes - not to mention having to recover the data or just plain start over from where I lost things at the time of the crash. I really loved being able to use it to scrub because I didn't have to bounce in and out of the clips pane. After the recent updates to CakeTalking came out, I began to take advantage of the enhanced editing features in the clips pane. I still use the Tranzport to quickly scrolled back and forth through projects; but to be honest, I tend to use my wireless keyboard to do most of the stuff during the recording and editing process. When I run an external control surface, there's a lot of verbiage, especially when I'm navigating tracks, etc. I have to listen to a lot of stuff to find out what track I'm on - and it doesn't report the name of the track. Of course, I may have things configured wrong in that regard. I guess I tend to fall back on things that I know are working well and that are stable in their operation.


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Mike depends. For instance, not sure how many sighted people use scrubbing
with a control surface as most of them would most likely be using a mouse.
On the other hand, if you are sighted and you are into video production
then, you probably are not using Sonar for that.

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