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I have an OPW document that was created back in January 2007. On trying to open it today, I get the error message: "Document contents have changed since being saved".

Can anyone suggest what may have gone wrong, and if/how the file might be recovered?

I put in a check of the contents of documents to spot if files were corrupted whilst on disc - in other words this error indicates that a file has been damaged by the filing system (and not by Ovation).

Once in a while when I turn on my Windows computer it tells me it is checking the file system - it grinds away for half an hour and then boots as normal. What it doesn't tell me is that whilst it does this, it sometimes deletes files or changes their contents. (yes I did buy a new disc drive and reinstall Windows).

I'd have a look at the file, does Windows show the length as something reasonable for what you think is in it. Load it into Notepad, do the contents look reasonable - I'm saying that as a programmer, but if you've now got a file of all zeros or FF's or there is no meaningful text in it, there's not much hope.

I believe you can turn off the check on file contents when loading from OP general choices* - if you're lucky whatever has changed may not be serious. I'd try this first.

(* Check documents after loading)

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