[dance-tech] Re: london dance film festival / critical debate / postchoreography

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  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 14:57:10 -0300

Hi, from Chile, South America:

I think Marlon´s idea is very intersting.... because this pltaform permit to
all of us exchanges of material and dialog and reflexion about the filds of
resech and stuff. I think for start write a list and profile of all members
of this dance-tech-freelist, a kind of census, maybefor kwon all the
members, and make some profile and areas of investigation.

That´s all, I tink this inisiative is very important for people like
latinoamerican reserchers in dance and technology because geographicaly we
are so far, and we need a bond or plataform for comunication with another

Sorry my english


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