[cryptome] Re: what-does-gchq-know-about-our-devices-that-we-dont

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  • Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 02:30:23 +0100

Dear Colleagues,
May I conclude then, from the information you have posted on this list so far; that the world's security services, are at various stages in collecting, collating and assimilating all data which is transmitted electronically, whether it be by mobile phone, landline, satellite or cable. Not only is it being collected, but it is being stored and analysed and, most importantly, sifted and sorted, and that individual profiles of every individual who uses such devices is being set up and information, private, or public, secure or open, is being added to their databases, and that where alliances and agreements exist, this personal knowledge about individuals is being shared, and where there are no agreements, those countries or nation states which have the capabilities are also helping themselves to such information. And, that as time goes by, this profiling will increase so that a record of all and every activity of a private individual will be held on a database somewhere in the world and be accessible to those who have been given access by the appropriate nation state...

If so, it sort of backs up what John Young has been saying about the internet being one big spying organisation. That, in actual fact, is the easy bit. The problem for you...and for me...and for most of the population in the world, who as yet don't know about such stuff and if they do, don't seem to be bothered about it, is what should be done about it...
Any ideas would be most welcome.
For instance, is there any point in me changing my present strategy regarding security? Because if I do, then all it means is that I will suffer increased surveillance and even become a target because someone, somewhere considers that I am an extremist, because I wish to exercise my right to privacy, security of my data and be able to conduct my every day affairs without interference from those who exercise such power.

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