[chaoscope] Re: Image Sizes (and curiosity about mouse activity)

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 Or equal to zero?  Your other option, as I somewhat point to, is to just
 switch the values through an absolute command instead.

Yes, it would be a quick fix. From the user point of view, the sign would be discarded.

Speaking of width/height, do you see the ability to increase the size of
an image via the mouse in future versions, or only via the text boxes? I remember you discussing changes to the width/height values being
reflected in the window in a future release (0.3...?), but I'm just
curious about mouse activity as well...

Changing the size of the image via the mouse isn't planned. However, changing the size of the window is. The View window will be resizable, so the preview as well as the rendered image could be partially visible (not entirely fitting within the window). The idea is to have the interface behave just like any standard graphic package.

Before discussing version 0.3 any further, I'd like to see version 0.2 released. I've still got to update the manual so it can be integrated in the final archive.

Nicolas Desprez
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