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  • Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 13:07:56 GMT

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          Steffen Huber <steffen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> "Chris Bell (Lists)" <chris.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Advice please - can I use CDVDBurn on my PandRO?

> There is a beta (some say: alpha) test version (2.09) available that is known
> to work on the "new hardware" like BeagleBoard/BIK/ARMini,
> PandaBoard/PIK/ARMiniX
> and the RaspberryPi. However, it depends on the version of RISC OS (USB
> is currently a fast moving target) and your drive and your
> ATA/S-ATA-USB bridge
> if it works.


> But IIRC, 2.02 will not work properly anyway, because of strange things
> happening with the compiler output not compatible with ARMv7.

> Steffen

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Steffen, I couldn't find version 2.09 of CDVDburn on your website. I 
already have version 2.02b on my Iyonix, but would like the latest 
version for my Pandaboard, Beagleboard and Raspberry-Pi.

David Lane

David R Lane
Email: D_Lane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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