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  • From: Thomas Milius <Thomas-Milius@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 21:06:46 +0200

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          Jim Lesurf <jcgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have just subscribed to the cdvdburn list, but as yet have had no emails
> from the list. Hence I do not know for certain the correct address. Hence I
> am guessing that the address this is directed to is correct.

It is correct. There is not much traffic in the group which might
indicate that most users are having no problems.

I had the same problems with subscribing as you had. It is a little
bit confusing. Inside the manuals tehre is no direct e-mail address.

> I have just bought a DVDrewriter and upograde from CDburn to CDVDBurn from
> Castle. The drive seems to read CDs OK. I think it is the model/make of
> drive which is recommended. I replaced my previous CDrewriter with the
> DVDrewriter.
> Yesterday I tried making a DVD+R.
> I created an isoimage (in fact a directory) and this seemed successful.
> I then used the write disc process, dragging and dropping this directory
> onto the write window.
> So far as I can tell, I followed much the same process as I have in the
> past for writing CDR's. But in  this case I was trying to  write about 3.5
> gigs onto  a TDK DVD+R.
> The process of writing took about 25-30 mins and during this  the hourglass
> percentage rose steadily, and the light on the front of the drive flashed
> on and off.
> At the end of this a "write successful" window appears, and I closed this
> is the usual way.
> However the light on the front of the disc drive continued to flash, and
> the disc was not ejected.
> I waited a while, then loaded CDROMFS and clicked on its iconbar icon. This
> immediately produced a window reporting that the drive was empty.
> I tried clicking on the standard iconbar icon for CDFS. This immediately
> brought up a report from CDFS filer that the CD was faulty.
> I ejected the disc, powered the machine down/up, and tried again with the
> same results.
> If I look at the disc the surface shows that most of the area has been
> written upon.
> Can someone explain what I have done wrong, and how to be able to read this
> disc, or be able to write DVD+R  discs I can read?

I have a DVD-burner (LG GSA-4163) since two weeks. After one week testing I
gave it back to the dealer to patch the firmware. He did not mangage this.
I shall try tomorrow on our annual German GAG meeting.

I have not much expierence with DVDs but only problem until now.
Reading and burning CDs works really good with the drive.
I tried to burn a DVD-RW and a DVD+RW. Reading a track of an unprotected
Video DVD (from a TV magazine) worked. I was also able to brun this on the
DVD+RW. DVD-RW failed. However at writing an Isoimage of 11MB on the
DVD+RW this worked correctly but I wasn't able to read it back with CDFS.
CDVDBurn offered me the import of a 4GB track.

To your problem: AFAIR CDFS can handle only 2 GB disc (look into
CDVDBurns manual). If your burn is 3.7 GB it could be that you are getting
trouble. Try a smaller size  e.g. 500MB or 1GB.


Thomas Milius

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