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I understand your point, Gene, but I don't believe that there is a clear
line between "school" communications and PTG communications.  For example,
at CMS, the after school activities are run at CMS by CMS teachers funded by
the PTG.  Are the notices about them from the school or the PTG?  The school
certainly provided me with the notices and the school principal decided how
often they were sent to parents, but the actual sending and maintaining of
the lists was deemed to be a PTG function.  At CCHS, a school admin sends
their announcements via the PTG email list.  There are also many programs at
the high school that are run by the PA at the request of the school.  In my
opinion, while there are some things that are clearly "school" that
currently come via Connect Ed and some things are clearly PTG - meeting
notices, coffees, etc, it won't be so easy to divide up the rest (bulk) of
the communication.  As it is, parents are confused by our system.  They
assume that all the communication they are getting is from the school and
that the PTG isn't really a separate thing.  That is why those check-boxes
on the registration forms about sharing data with "other school related
groups" i.e. PTG was so confusing to parents and caused us so much trouble
with populating our email lists last year.

Any solution to this problem needs to take into account that even though
some info is coming from the PTGs, it is no less important to families than
info coming from the school.  And yes, the current solution uses scant
school resources and relies heavily on parent volunteers having skills that
cannot be assumed to continue to be available.  But we need to make sure
that any new solution doesn't fix only one of those problems.  Just moving
the PTG lists offsite will still require someone Richard-like to get
involved whenever there is a delivery problem.  I have trouble picturing a
free or low cost service responding quickly if one of our lists runs into
trouble.  If we don't have someone like Richard to understand what is
happening and interface with the provider, we're stuck.

So, like it or not, the school admin needs to understand that in order to
keep up the level of communication that we all have come to rely on, they
will need to be involved in a new solution.  This is not something that the
PTG can do all on its own.

Joyce Davis

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> These lists need to be hosted externally on systems that require minimal
> expertise to manage.  The major problem with the current system is that
> maintaining it requires a lot of technical expertise and time.  That is
> not a viable solution for PTG communications because you can't count on
> finding another Richard Wells.
> For two days, there were several school district people spending a lot of
> time on the blacklist problem from the PTG listserver.  While we seem to
> have fixed it temporarily, this is at best a time limited solution.
> There are cheap, even free solutions, so this is not a money issue in my
> opinion.  It is a time a management issue.
> I think the school communications should not use any PTG list, but rather
> be accessible on a web site or a number of web sites, with regular email
> reminders to check for new information.
> The PTG list should be only for PTG communications.
> Gene
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> >While this may be a good topic for the PTG Presidents and Diana, I would
> >caution to not offer this up for debate to the respective boards and
> >communities. I think we all support the idea of electronic communication;
> >this is a debate to decide from where the emails/lists will physically be
> >hosted and sent. I don't see this as a topic that needs wide input. It IS
> >a topic that may need increased support from the District Mgmt, and
> >perhaps we can lobby for funds or bandwidth from someone at the District
> >level.
> >
> >Do you know when the next meeting is scheduled?
> >
> >Alan Budris
> >CCHS Admin

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