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While this may be a good topic for the PTG Presidents and Diana, I would 
caution to not offer this up for debate to the respective boards and 
communities. I think we all support the idea of electronic communication; this 
is a debate to decide from where the emails/lists will physically be hosted and 
sent. I don't see this as a topic that needs wide input. It IS a topic that may 
need increased support from the District Mgmt, and perhaps we can lobby for 
funds or bandwidth from someone at the District level.

Do you know when the next meeting is scheduled?

Alan Budris
CCHS Admin

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Richard - I agree - thank you so much for all your work with this! It is so 
time consuming!

Do you think where to move the list serves should be brought up at a monthly 
meeting that the PTG presidents have with Diana Rigby? We could ask to see if 
Richard as well as Gene could hopefully attend with their concerns and ideas. 
This is the one time when all PTG presidents are together from all elementary 
schools, CMS and CCHS.

Each of the PTG groups could solicit feedback from their boards and communities 
and then come to the meeting with that feedback.

Having been through the elementary schools and now having one in middle school 
and one at CCHS, I do find for middle school & cchs the daily announcements are 
helpful. It would seem if you only posted them weekly, with all the changes 
that occur, you would be sending many more emails with "one off" changes. 
However, I have heard other opinions. I don't think all will be satisfied 
either way, but at least getting the information to the parents is necessary. 
Whether they choose to read their emails or not at least they have the 

Let me know if you think the meeting is a good idea and I will ask to have it 
added to the agenda and will let you know when the next one is.


Jill Colleran

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>Hi everyone,
I've used iContact to send weekly email newsletters for some time. It's
>quite simple to use, and pretty robust. It's inexpensive -- you pay by the size
>of your list, not by the number of messages sent each month, and they offer a 
>to non-profit orgs.

> Mullaney
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I've added a few suggested folks to this list and corrected addresses for

To catch up on what this is about, you can see the archive of the conversation
>so far here:




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