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  • From: "John" <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 15:31:11 -0400

Hi Bob,

I am not Erwin, but I have downloaded and installed D6, so maybe I can help

> Have you, or anyone else on the list, downloaded the Delphi 6.0 Personal
> Edition?   I did, all 140MB, and it installed fine, so as a newbie Delphi
> student, I immediately tried the Tutorial, which supposedly lets you
> step-by-step, a Notepad-like application.   After going through the first
> few steps, I came to an impasse.

Yeah, it wasn't too bad of a download on Cable except borland servers are
slow and I could only get about 10 - 15 KB/S whereas I am used to
downloading at speeds between 100 - 130 KB/S :)  I think borland is trying
to deter people from downloading Delphi 6 and entise them into buying the
CD.  Delphi 6 did not need to be no 140 MB to download.  I see absolutley no
reason for them to throw in the install files for IE 5.5, I mean ever since
Windows 98 was released you get IE with your OS and if you want to upgrade
to the latest and greatest it should be your choice to download :).  Plus
Kylix was only like 30 - 40 MB...  I know, different platforms..

> The instruction says to double-click on the  "Action Manager" icon in the
> "Additional" tab of the Components area, to add it to the form.   I simply
> cannot find such a beast, no matter how long I've looked.  The only hint
> in the Help files, which implied that it might not be in the version I
> I find this really odd, since it's part of the tutorial.

Um, What else does it say about this component?  I have not used the
Tutorial yet, however I suspect they may mean "ActionList" which is in the
"Standard" Tab at the end of the row, last icon.  Just a guess of course,
not promises it is what they mean <g>



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