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Have you, or anyone else on the list, downloaded the Delphi 6.0 Personal
Edition?   I did, all 140MB, and it installed fine, so as a newbie Delphi
student, I immediately tried the Tutorial, which supposedly lets you create,
step-by-step, a Notepad-like application.   After going through the first
few steps, I came to an impasse.

The instruction says to double-click on the  "Action Manager" icon in the
"Additional" tab of the Components area, to add it to the form.   I simply
cannot find such a beast, no matter how long I've looked.  The only hint was
in the Help files, which implied that it might not be in the version I have.
I find this really odd, since it's part of the tutorial.

Anyone else experience this problem?   Obviously, I can go no further until
I sort this out.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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[snip! ]    ... so they released a Personal Version of Delphi 6 as well :)
> -- Erwin Dokter

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