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> Lonnie,
> Although a "noble endeavor", I'm afraid you're riding a 
> dead horse...Sun  
> said the same thing about Java back in 1994 or so.  While 
> some advancements 
> have came about in Java, the goal of supplanting MS on 
> the desktop has 
> not.  Also, Netscape lost because of Netscape...they 
> insisted on utilizing  
> very proprietary "standards" that only worked in NS.  
> Ultimately, AOL did 
> more to cause the extinction of NS than MS...they bought 
> it and then 
> placed it almost off the stove top, not even on the back 
> burner. 

The next version of the AOL software will use Mozilla as the browser
(and I guess you know what Mozilla is), no longer IE.

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