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  • Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 09:28:15 -0400 (EDT)

Hello all,

I hope that you are all doing well today.

> figuring out how he  expects to run those incompatible
> executables on the same hardware.  And if he expects to be
> credible, he has to go public with at least  some hint at why he
> thinks it's feasible.

You have all made good observations as to the enormity of the
project. While true that there are still many issues to be worked
out, the fundamental design stems from as base that we, myself and a
few other developers from time to time, are using a version of Linux
that is being specially modified for the task as the underlying OS.

We are also relying on a variant of the Wine project (which is
actually not an emmulator) to handle the MS side of things and some
new additional libraries inside of the Wine system to handle the
Linux call-throughs for these applications.

The MAC subsystem will probably have to run through an emmulator for
the time being.

I am looking to put together a GUI team of people who would like to
work on the project, or I will be forced to drag out my efforts and
attempt to develop it myself in the distant future. There has been
the talk of trying to port over an X window manager such as FVWM95,
BLWM, or QVWM but I feel that Calmira offers a much better effort.
The base goal of the GUI team would be to make Calmira have the
look/feel of Windows 2000/XP (Basically but not exactly). The ideas
is to make the existing users of Windows feel completely comfortable
in their use of "InterCruise HL" instead of the MS version, plus some
new features and maybe missing some other features that are not
normally used.

While true that the promotions of the project represents a challenge
unto itself, the strategy for this is one that will bring about the
desired outcome and popularity for the project.

The second phase of this project (InterCruise ????) represents a
completely new way of interfacing users and computers. The first
phase InterCruise is to lay the base foundation and gain large
acceptance and popularity first.

Although some of you believe that a one-man, or small group, may not
be capable to make a difference, it is exactly that type of thinking
that I suggest to you will make the difference because many of the
larger companies are thinking along the same lines. It comes down to
strategically planning and getting the right members together.

This project will move forward and will be successful, because of the
comittment and dedication that is being, and has been, put into it.
My fundamental thoughts are that "to make it big. you must dream big".

I thank you all once again for your suggestions and comments,
Best Regards,

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