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<< Actually this is a very ambitious project that we are working on that
 will be freely given out to people as a direct competitor to M$S.
 Out "InterCruise HL" project is meant to take the best parts of
 Windows, Linux, and MAC to offer a complete homogeneous OS from which
 the user can run any (or just about any) existing application from
 these platforms transparently. Basically they will be able to install
 their application and run it with out the need to worry which
 platform it was written for. InterCruise HL also offers transparent
 clustering and filesystem encryption. All of which can easily be
 configured to meet the users needs.
 We were looking at Calmira as the possible GUI to the OS and are
 looking to get the look/feel of Windows 2000 or XP as the base for
 the desktop and taskbar. We could then build the extra applications
 and we also are looking to include Microsofts own free IE5.5 or IE6
 along with many other great pieces.
 Our goal is to combat MS in the same way that they beat out Netscape.
 "The hunter now becomes the hunted!!!"

Although a "noble endeavor", I'm afraid you're riding a dead horse...Sun 
said the same thing about Java back in 1994 or so.  While some advancements
have came about in Java, the goal of supplanting MS on the desktop has
not.  Also, Netscape lost because of Netscape...they insisted on utilizing 
very proprietary "standards" that only worked in NS.  Ultimately, AOL did
more to cause the extinction of NS than MS...they bought it and then
placed it almost off the stove top, not even on the back burner.  It should
be noted that there are other, similar crusades underway that are also not
considered serious threat to MS's hold on desktop users.  But, if someone
wants to beat themselves up and waste 10 or 15 years, I'm not going to
tell them they can't...in fact, I wish you good luck.  However, sometimes it
is better to use something that is available instead of re-inventing the wheel
so you can claim a better cart.  ;-)
See you later!
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