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  • Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 23:28:18 EDT

<CT> Looking For Win3.x App

Hiya Norm!

Well, I've tried a few word processors for Win31, and there are a couple of 
recommendations.  If you don't want to use Write, the simple word processor 
included with Win31, I'd try either Yeah Write or Letter Writer.  I can't 
remember where I found Yeah Write, but there should be d/ls available from 
ZDNet or CNET.  Letter Writer is pretty good, I use it quite a bit.  You do 
have to have VB runtime version 4 16 bit installed however.  And just 
recently the freeware version has had the spelling check removed.  If prodded 
I could send a split file installer via email, but it would take probably 2 
or more emails, most email servers only allow up to 1 meg attachments.  The 
other I've used is part of a "suite" from the old, now defunct, Spinnaker 
Software group, called PFS WindowWorks.  Similar to the old Works for 
Windows, I could also send the install files via email, 4 emails or more.  If 
interested, let me know via the list or private email to GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx

C U L8R!
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