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  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 08:19:48 +0200

> Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 13:27:06 +0100
> From: Erwin Dokter <edokter@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Re: New Calmira homepage

> It never hurts to specify a default font size. And as far as I know,
> Arial is a font that is available on every windows system, and even
> Linux and Macs.

I'm not sure about Linux.

> Actually, < font ... > is also regarded as a block-level element, meaning,
> it propagates to all levels until < /font > is encountered.

However, no other block-level element may be contained in P.

> ...and so is < font ...>. I put the font there, because Netscape (don't
> know about IE) refuses to use a fixed pitch font when < pre > is
> encountered.

??? I've tried a simply example with FONT defining a size of 3 and a
color of #FF0000 inside a PRE element, and Netscape 2, 3 and 4 correctly
showed everything in the default fixed pitch font and in red, as to be
expected. Check your font settings.

> In fact, I found both IE and Netscape disregarding < base
> font ...> when any formatting (like tables!) is encountered, so I have
> to specify fonts throughout.

This is intended - BASEFONT has no effect on tables. BTW: Since what
time are tables "formatting"? They are a means of organizing content and
can be USED as a means of formatting.

> > In addition, there is no doctype declaration. I'd suggest:
> > < !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" >
> Is this really nesecary? Browsers tend to ignore this tag, or revert to
> standard HTML. And I write pages for browsers, not for HTML
> validators...

The latest browsers don't ignore the DTD any longer, plus it doesn't
hurt if they do.

> > I just discovered another problem with the new homepage: The navigation 
> > frame on
> > the left is not wide enough here, since the width is defined in pixels and 
> > my
> > default font size is pretty large. In addition, I'm not able to change this,
> > since there is no border between the frames.
> I am going to leave it fixed. If i would use 20%, people with 640x480
> screen would have their navigation frame too narrow. I can widen it a
> bit.

This is one reason why frames are considered inelegant - they can't
adapt to the browser window size as nicely as plain HTML documents.

> What font size do you use?

Times New Roman, 14
Courier New, 12
(Windows: Large Fonts, 1024x768)

> From: BEN09880@xxxxxxx
> Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 16:26:13 EDT
> Subject: <CT> Re: New Calmira homepage

> How's about not typing valid html code in emails anymore please???
> I am on aol, and all I get is some funky shtuff.

Obviously AOL's mailer defaults to HTML when no content type is
specified (Netscape defaults to plain text). :(

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