<CT> Re: IEDIAL16.ZIP for Win3X

  • From: GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 13:09:39 EDT

Hi List!

OK, hopefully my upload worked and my web site is getting somewhat
back to normal, hehe.  For anyone interested in obtaining an Internet
dialer and TCP/IP (winsock) driver, I have packaged Microsoft's Win3X
components from MS IE3.03 16 bit into a ZIP, IEDIAL16.ZIP.  Just
unzip it to any directory, though I recommend C:\IEDIAL because 
you will need to add this directory to your DOS PATH statement
for proper usage.  Instructions are also inside the ZIP!  The URL is:
and my web page being rebuilt is :

While I'm thinking about it, does anyone have a preference for maybe
a direct download or a link to their favorite Win3X web browser?  I 
kept IE 3.03, but it is beginning to have problems with most of the
newer JavaScript 1.2 and VBScript.  Opera 3.62 is the last release
of Opera for Win3X...it still requires small payment for continued use.
If desired by enough I could place one of these on my site for direct
download.  Let me know!

Well, gotta get back to work, so I'll see you later!
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