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 Hi Glenn,  I'd love to try out your Shiva Winsock package, unfortunately, I
 can't seem to get to it.  I don't know if it's my lack of ftp experience,
 but using IE, I can see directories and some files on the linked site,
 ftp.tmonroe.com; I am not asked to "login" though.  Most directories don't
 show any files in them.  Can anybody provide some ftp pointers for an
 ftp-newbie?  I also tried searching for the file IEDial16.zip on your http
 website but wasn't able to find; is it there?  Thanks!  -Bill

Hmm, well to get into many FTP sites it is preferred to use an FTP
client.  I highly recommend WS_FTP LE, which is free for personal
use in the "Lite Edition".  You can find WS_FTP at many file sites 
on the Internet, and the homepage is at IPSwitch.com, the URL:
Ipswitch, Inc.
WS_FTP is the easiest to get started with.  I lost the download
link I had on HTTP for IEDIAL16.ZIP, it was located on my AOHell
web site, GLENNRPH...I'm rebuilding the site though, and when 
I get it back the URL for IEDIAL16.ZIP will be this:
Just type that into your web browser address bar...when I get
the file back uploaded to my server, it will start the download
automatically!  In fact, give me about 30 minutes (it's 10:45 am here)
and it will be back!
See you later!
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