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<< I've got both viewers right here:

Hi List!
Hmm, I think I have an older version of Word Viewer for Win3X...
the one I use is Word Viewer 6...that's on this old Pentium 75.
On my home computer, I have the Word Viewer 97...so, I think 
it is safe to say we can offer a few solutions for most problems!
Guess my next step will be to make a download site for the older
word viewer.  Advantage of Word Viewer 6---smaller size, less 
system requirements.  Disadvantage---doesn't open anything 
later than Word 6, aka Word 95...not reliably anyway.  It doesn't
know the newer fonts, from what I can make of the error messages.
Other than that, it works admirably.

I guess I should have mentioned a couple of other software apps I 
have, PFS WindowWorks, similar to MS Works for Win3X...I have
version 2, it has a word processor, along with spread sheet, label
maker, terminal.  Can open various formats, save to a few.  Needs 
a bit over 4 meg for full install, including Symantec's Winfax Starter
edition (not "year 2000" compatible!).
I also have MS Works for DOS, versions 2 and 3, as well as Works 
for Windows 3.1...same sort of stripped down "MS Office" type, but 
has decent word processor.  The DOS version is the one I use at 
home for writing letters, it has a convertor to change between formats.
The problem with making any of these available is the copyright regulations.
At present, MS will not allow Works for DOS to be freely distributed, and
Spinnaker has been swallowed by Symantec, can't get a reply from them 
in regards to the distribution of WindowWorks.  Still, I could probably work 
something out????
See you later,
aka Wizard57M
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