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  • Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 14:52:08 EDT

Hi again list!

I started not to mention this one, even though it is one of my 
favorite word processors, and I use it daily...it is Letter Writer.
I'm not sure if it is even available anymore, used to be part of 
a little desktop enhancer for Win3X and one for Win9X that was 
called Executive Desk.  I have an older version, version 2.0a,
which is fully functional, including spell check, images, tables 
and other graphical functions.  Letter Writer is my preferred 
Windows word processor, has been for about 6 years, and I 
use it to write all my business, personal and professional 
correspondence.  The drawback to Letter Writer...the format 
is very proprietary, and although Letter Writer will read and 
write to RTF (rich text format), it usually will perform illegal 
operations in the Visual Basic 4 16 bit runtimes, and crash when 
saving RTF files.  Also, it takes a little while to startup, anyway 
on this Pentium 75 with only 8 meg RAM it takes about 15 seconds.
Hard disk requirements are around 4 meg, because you also have 
to have the 16 bit Visual Basic 4 runtimes installed.
However, Letter Writer creates VERY professional appearing documents,
and is relatively easier to learn than most word processors I've tried. 
Even with my old 9 pin dot matrix Epson printer, documents look great.
So, if you desire to give Letter Writer a trial, contact me via email.  I 
have a ZIP archive of Letter Writer, a little over 2 meg in size.  Plus, I 
have the VB40016 installer files also.

OK, that's all for now...I apologize for the very long posts, hope I didn't 
waste everyone's time too much!  Have a great weekend, and I'll see 
you later!

aka Wizard57M
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