<CT> A couple requests...

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 22:17:36 EDT

Hello everyone!  First of all, glad to see we're still around!  Oh yeah!  :o)
I have a couple of questions...

I have this old Toshiba Satellite T1910CS laptop.  I have upgraded the ram to 
a total of 20 megs, and the hard drive to a 'hefty' 1 gig.  As far as I can 
tell, this machine is a 486 something or other.  It has two faults.  No cd rom 
drive (I have an external tho), and no built-in mouse.  

I have misplaced the 'quick port mouse' and would like to know if there is 
any driver or something I can load to use the keyboard (key configurable if 
possible, there's no keypad on this thing without holding an extra key down) in 
place of the mouse.  I know the keyboard shortcuts for most stuff, but I still 
would like to have mouse input capabilities if necessary.

As far as I can tell, it has only vga graphics.  The screen is color, and 
maxes at 640x480.  Does anyone know where I could find the drivers for this 
beast?  I am not even sure what the graphics chip is, I think I saw cirrus 
logic gd 
or something similar.

It doesn't have sound, does anyone still have that old speaker driver kicking 

Also, I have seen other models where the function keys have more extended 
laptop specific functions.  One of which was to change from internal display to 
external.  ANy clues how I could make that work?  Or another program that could 
do it?  ?Any suggestions?  I really hate having to reboot just to toggle 
between the two.

I know there was once a tutorial floating around that taught you how to have 
Win95 and Win3.11 on the same FAT32 drive.  I need it... got it?  please 

Also, I have IE5.0 loaded under Win3.11.  Any ideas on a decent alternative?  
I know I asked a while back... but I was hoping there might be a new 
alternative...  or better.  IE takes too long to load.  Pictures are *NOT* 
Hotmail, google, RESEARCH oriented browsing only!

Thanks in advance!


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