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Hi Lorraine,
No idea about figures for caracal or bb jackals. The only think I can say is that during my 4 years in the Santawani area (Moremi) I saw caracal only three times (as a comparison I saw serval way more often). Jackals are definitely common but I do not have figures for the area.



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On 24.02.2012 08:12, Plr wrote:
Hi Lorraine

We have a large jackal population in the Northern Tuli but have never done a count. We used to see the odd caracal about 15 years ago but haven't seen one since so looks to me like they have all but disappeared from our area. Habitat change ? And very abundant leopard population ?


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On Feb 23, 2012, at 15:30, "Lorraine Boast" <lboast@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:lboast@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Hi all,
Would anyone have rough estimates of caracal and black backed jackal numbers in Botswana. Are there any official figures?
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