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The DWNP records of skins and hides from the 70s and later, have been misplaced 
in the main, but going to DWNP and instigating a search will help. Tried to 
access them for some skins that were tagged, labelled etc to see if a place of 
origin were recorded in the original data base which seems to be difficult to 
find, so you need not bother going there. Maybe some of the old hides and skins 
dealers will still have record books, will ask R.A. Bailey for you, and see 
what records they have retained.

Traditional hunting permits permit  bat eared fox, caracal and black backed 
jackal to be hunted, but dont think people need to report what they have taken 
on thier permits.If they do, there may be some records there.DWNP again.

Jackal populations wax and wane, Ghantzi had many in 2009/ 2010, but rabies 
seemed to have dealt them a blow, and they seem lower in population now, I 
think these cycles are normal. Predation records( DWNP) mention them, and Phd 
by Matthew Scwerner?? in Ghantzi ( Under Predator Conservation trust) had 
interesting Jackal records, as jackal were seen to be a bigger threat to 
livestock than wild dog as far as I can remember. Smallstock farming areas like 
Tsabong may have more recorded problems than areas where cattle are more 
important, so prob animal control records from there could help.

VEt Lab at Sebele will have recods of Jackal Rabies could be interesting to see 
the cyclicity of the disease.

Leopard Ecology doing a long term camera trap survey, and have spoor transect 
data for over 5 years, sure you can speak nicely to them. What did camera trap 
survey on Tiisa and Oasis Farms come out with, very few caracal, but I think 
the density of them is going to be low, the only place I see them regularly is 
the makadigadi.What about the pHD thesis looking at spoor on the transfrontier 
boundry, what is he finding??CCB also has camera traps out.

When are all these researchers who are doing really great work out there going 
to sit around a table together??

With our stable large predator populations, we seem not to have needed to 
actively hunt and kill jackal and caracal in Botswana like the farmers have 
done in SA. We effectively have these populations under control, by means other 
than farmers helping to create the South African super predator.

If the guides in the Delta had to maintain log books on key species, there 
would be an amazing data bank of information to access.

MArk Bing

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  Dear Lorraine,

  I concur with Dereck. It is most unlikely that there are any realistic or 
official figures for these or any other small mammals for the entire country. 
Dr. Taolo from DWNP would be able to assist you there. The only work I know 
that has been done on either of these species are: 1. Dr. Sam Kaunda from 
University of Botswana who worked on B-B Jackals in the south (problem animal 
study) and 2. Dr. Peter le Roux who did some aspect of caracal work in the Tuli 
block - of what nature I am not that sure.

  Extensive fieldwork is likely required to answer your question. Sorry about 

  All the best & good luck, Mark.

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    Hi all,

    Would anyone have rough estimates of caracal and black backed jackal 
numbers in Botswana. Are there any official figures?



    Lorraine Boast
    PhD student 
    Department of Zoology, University of Cape Town
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