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Dear Lorraine,

I concur with Dereck. It is most unlikely that there are any realistic or
official figures for these or any other small mammals for the entire
country. Dr. Taolo from DWNP would be able to assist you there. The only
work I know that has been done on either of these species are: 1. Dr. Sam
Kaunda from University of Botswana who worked on B-B Jackals in the south
(problem animal study) and 2. Dr. Peter le Roux who did some aspect of
caracal work in the Tuli block - of what nature I am not that sure.

Extensive fieldwork is likely required to answer your question. Sorry about

All the best & good luck, Mark.

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  Hi all,

  Would anyone have rough estimates of caracal and black backed jackal
numbers in Botswana. Are there any official figures?



  Lorraine Boast
  PhD student
  Department of Zoology, University of Cape Town
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