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Dear ALL
I am concerned as everybody about the fencing of the Trans-Kalahari Highway. 
There has been a push especially from the truckers using the high about the 
number of livestock on the road, especially at night. In response to that 
government through the Ministry of Work, Transport and communication, an EIA 
was conducted and the recommendations that were made were relatively 
reasonable. I have attached a part of the report from the EIA for your 
information. Basically the consutant recommended sectional fencing, almost 10KM 
on either side of Village or towns along the TKH.
The Western Kgalagadi Conservation Corridor also did some analyis of the key 
wildlife habitats. A summary of that report is also attached here. The WKCC 
also deployed 10 satellite collars on wildebest in the WMAs. 
Unfortunately 8 collars made localised movement, and one collared move from 
near Lonetree to CKGR and died just inside the reserve within two months of 
collaring. I have also attached a copy of a ma showing these collars. The 
project came to an end in April 2011.
I hope these will give you an idea of what is happening. I have not used the 
road since February, but i remember that there were some activity on the side 
of the road near Sekoma, but i am not if that was a fence. I JUST HOPE THAT IF 

Moses Selebatso
MSc Tropical Ecology & Management of Natural Resources 
P.O. Box 602403
Gaborone, Botswana
+267 716 393 70 (Mobile)

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The easiest way to get the name of the company is to stop and ask the workers 
doing the job along the road. Alternatively, the PPADB is required to disclose 
to any member of the public the identity of the winner of any tender.
When you have the company name, you go to the office of the registrar of 
companies and ask the name of the company secretary.
The company secretary is required by law to disclose the names of all current 
shareholders in the company. This was the mechanism used to identify Ndelu 
Seretse and lay him open to a corruption charge.
Richard White 

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Does anybody have the name of the fencing contracting company.  I would suggest 
that further investigation is necessary before a hand is played?

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The original EIA study (which I wrote) strongly advocated that the road should 
not be fenced and Doug ??? who was Chief Biologist in DWNP in the 1980's said 
that fencing the road would destroy any chance of rebuilding wildlife 
populations in the western sandveld.
The problem here is two-fold:

A DWNP that hasn't got its eye on the ball and frankly lacks the professional 
capability to appraise the impact of this type of development objectively. 
A Minister of Transport with an agenda that excludes such considerations.
Johnny Swartz (previous Minister of Transport) told me many years ago that the 
road would be fenced and the project was initiated when he was Minister of 
Transport. You should look into the possibility that he has a vested interest 
(shares in a fencing contractor is one possibility).
If you want to stop it at this stage, an approach to the President is your only 
Richard White

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Does anybody have any information on the Ghantzi road fence??
I am aware that a few years ago, some organisation (WCS??) sponsored a EURO 5 
million study looking at the wildlife corridor between CKGR and KTP, and worked 
with the communities in those areas. I think ex DWNP director Mr Sedia Modisa 
was involved. Anyway, there is now a double bonnox fence with barbed wire 
running on both sides of the Jwaneng to Ghantzi road, which is a fairly 
effective barrier to wildlife movement in these areas I am sure. The fence, by 
its markings is not simply near villages but is marked or being constructed in 
the WMas too.
A few questions.
I thought that some vestiges of a migratory route for the few wildebeeste left 
in CKGR moves across between Sekgoma and Kang. I have seen wild dogs, lion and 
cheetah crossing this section of road in the last 10 years, as well as 
Hartebeeste and Springbok?
Why is the reserve not being fenced with normal barbed wire. A five strand 
barbed wire fence inhibits cattle but not wildlife??
Dos DWNP know of the existence of this fence, and was the WCS?? study made 
available to the roads department??
This to me seems another study done, and placed on a shelf to retain dust and 
not be shared between ministries??

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